RaguStudio Random Photos - Anegada B.V.I.
I took the majority of these shots during a 2 week sailing tour of the U.S. and British Virgin Islands in August of 2000. Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

P1010045 P1010052 P1010056 P1010057 P1010061 P1010069
P1010071 P1010072 P1010073 P1010074 P1010075 P1010077
P1010079 P1010080 P1010082 P1010085 P1010086 P1010088
P1010089 P1010090 P1010091 P1010092 P1010093 P1010097
P1010099 P1010100 P1010103 P1010104 P1010105 P1010109
P1010110 P1010111 P1010112 P1010113 P1010116 P1010117
P1010118 P1010122 P1010126 P1010129 P1010131 P1010132
P1010135 P1010136 P1010137 P1010138