Random Person du jour:

Kenny Dale Boyett
(on the left, with Gene Simmons)

Well horseshit, what can i say about Kenny?

He's married.
He lives in Portland.
He's really into live music.
He works for a couple of indie record labels.
He knows the difference between "too much" and "not enough".

Used to own a '66 Mustang.
Now drives a Toyota.

Steven Adams

"Like father like son"
Steve and new addition to the Adams clan,
Sebastian Loic Adams, catchin' some ZZZ.

Good ole Steve is my buddy and personal 24hr Technical Support
whom i call when faced with a computer dilemma i am uncapable of solving.
He's got smarts galore. Steve lives in Little Rock with his wife Peggy,
daughters Chloe and Simone, and bambino Sebastian. When not working his real job,
Steve works on restoring his historic home in downtown LR, or is playing Dad.
It is fair to say Steve does not have much spare time, but he does have a wonderful family,
so you could also say he's one of the wealthiest men i know.

Robert Rodney (Trey) Marley III

To be completely honest, i don't think i know anybody more totally random
than Trey Marley, and i know a lot of people. There's this guy in St. Thomas,
sort of a skinny white guy with dreads, he's held a job in about every restaurant
kitchen on the island, for about 2 weeks each time, and when i would run
into him he would spout nothing but gibberish. A pretty random guy,
but if you stood him next to Trey, his randomness would not compare.

That's because Trey's randomness is the most "focused randomness" you
could ever hope to encounter in a person. His is a special breed of random,
marked by a brilliant intensity and enthusiasm, it's potential known only
to Trey Marley. If you spend ten minutes with the him, you can not help
but realize Trey is really an Artist of Random, who often leaves one
just a little confused, but wiser for the experience.

So anyway, here's a toast to Trey Marley, a truly random guy.

• • •